Japanese cream corn soup base

You can use any corn (canned, frozen, fresh) but for this tutorial I will use a 15-16 oz can of whole sweet corn
    Blend in the Vitamix a can of corn and 1 cup of water. Vitamix is great because it really purees everything into a smooth liquid and you can retain the corn's fiber without having to filter it
  1. Heat the puree in a pot that is big enough to contain this and other ingredients that you will be adding
  2. Heat the puree on medium heat, stirring occassionally and waiting for it to thicken
    Heating corn and water alone really draws out the corn flavor out
  3. On a skillet (I like cast iron), make roux of 1 tbspn butter + 1 tbspn white flour and mix until blonde
  4. Add the roux to the corn puree and continue to stir until thickening
  5. Add a bit of salt, sugar, and black pepper to taste
  6. The soup is done, and you can add meat, potatoes, and other stuff you want.