Korean Goat Stew

* Measure the ingredients on a scale.
  1. Boil in the Instantpot for 1 hour under high pressure:
    3L of water
    2 lb of goat meat
    12g Minced garlic
    12g Minced ginger
    If the goat meat is very fatty then it helps to roast it in the oven for a while to melt off some of the fat before placing it into the Instant pot. Save the fat for future use
  2. While waiting, make a blend:
    150g of diced daikon radish (peeled daikon if it doesnt come peeled already)
    12g of ground perilla
    12g toasted then ground sesame
    12g sweet paprika (smoked works too)
    3g minced garlic
    3g black pepper
    30g fermented soybean paste
    20g hot pepper paste
    1 bunch of green onion, chopped
  3. After the goat meat was boiled for an hour, open lid and then mix blend into stew
  4. Top with 1 bunch of kikuna leaves but if that's not available, then a sprig of fresh basil (or mint) and 12 sprigs of parsley. Carrot tops work as well
  5. Seal lid again and set it to 30 minutes under high pressure (pressure has to build back up and then 30 minutes of high pressure)